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COMPLIANCE ALERT: New York Approves Adult Use of Marijuana Bill

By NDASA member William Judge, JD, LL.M., founder of the Drug Screening Compliance Institute and an attorney with more than three decades of experience in drug screening compliance. New York, this week, became the 15th state (in addition to Washington D.C.) to...

How the Collector Can Make the MRO’s Job Easier and Ensure a Smooth Screening Process

By Dr. William D. Brooks, American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO), Founding Member, Past V.P., Trainer, Advisory Board Member GAC & Education Committee NDASA, OStG Today’s litigious marketplace requires all participants in a drug testing program to...

What it takes to be a Qualified Trainer in the Drug and Alcohol Screening Industry

By Jan Kornmann, CEO of KorManagement Services LLC, BSM, NDASA Approved Trainer Good trainers aren't born every day! Becoming a qualified trainer means knowing your subject well and understanding the needs of your trainees. Training drug and alcohol testing collectors...

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NDASA Wins One for Public Safety

NDASA Wins One for Public Safety

The National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association has had a major win today with language added to the MORE ACT that allows continued marijuana drug testing for DOT safety-sensitive workers! The MORE Act is an attempt to remove marijuana from the list of federally...