• NDASA Certified Drug Test Collector Training

    by NDASA
    21 Lessons

    The Drug Test Collector plays a critical role in the workplace drug-screening process. Along with the employer, the testing facility and the Medical Review Officer, the collector is an essential part of a system developed to ensure drug-free workplaces for the sake of public safety. This training, developed by the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association, is a professional-level course that provides the knowledge and skills to qualify Drug Test Collectors to perform U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated drug tests as well as non-regulated tests. (Cost: $449.00 Members: $299.99)  

  • NDASA Reasonable Suspicion/Cause Training for Supervisors

    by Jo McGuire
    11 Lessons

    The National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association’s Reasonable Suspicion/Cause Training is a professional-level course that qualifies supervisors to make the Reasonable Suspicion or Cause testing determination. The course trains in best practices for compliance with all modes regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and with drug and alcohol screening policies of non-regulated companies in the private sector and across multiple industries.