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Get involved

NDASA is proud to be member driven and member owned. We want you to have a strong voice in the future of our association, this industry and the laws that impact drug and alcohol testing.

We Rely on You

No matter how much time you have or how little, we can use your help. There are numerous ways to get involved. We invite you to join a committee, become part of our professional training program, a state affiliate or participate in our accreditation program, depending on your interests.

Our members’ expertise and passion are critical to the mission of this association and the success of our advocacy. Come be part of shaping the future.

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Standing Committees

The success of our association and the ability to serve our members is greatly enhanced by members serving on various NDASA committees. Committee membership is open to all levels and categories of association membership. Each committee is chaired by a member, appointed for a one-year term.

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Ad Hoc Committees

From time to time, the NDASA chairman or Board of Directors may appoint an ad hoc committee to address a specific issue affecting our membership or the nation’s drug and alcohol testing industry. An ad hoc committee may be disbanded after submitting a final report or completing its assigned duties.

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Become a Trainer

If you are an expert in your field and are committed to excellence in the drug and alcohol industry, we encourage you to share your knowledge with our members and others. NDASA has a robust training program and we continually educate trainers to teach these courses. You may choose to become a NDASA Approved or NDASA Qualified trainer. NDASA provides all necessary teaching materials to its trainers. 

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Accreditation Program

NDASA is pleased to offer a rigorous accreditation program that requires individuals and organizations to achieve certain standards and core competencies. Each applicant for accreditation is reviewed by an oversight committee. We are always building this committee of distinguished experts in to ensure that accreditation applicants meet the association’s high expectations for excellence. NDASA accreditation signals the best our industry has to offer.

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State Affiliate Caucus

As states enact legislation that affects employers, drug testing providers, substance abuse treatment programs and public safety services, it is important that NDASA is kept apprised of any issues that originate at the state level that may impact our industry. NDASA established this ambassador program to ensure the association is well informed regarding state issues by expert members.

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Our Federal PAC

NDASA formed a political action committee to promote and support candidates for federal office, who align with our mission and advocate for our priorities, goals, positions and objectives. Our PAC does not support candidates based on political party or ideology, but rather on their opinions and policy concerning the issues we care about.

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Join Our Board

NDASA holds elections for our Board of Directors as member terms dictate. We accept nominations for new board members during election seasons. If you are passionate about excellence in the drug and alcohol testing industry, the prevention of illicit drug use and maintaining workplace and community safety, we encourage you to learn more about our board and how to join. All board members serve for three years. 

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