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Training opportunities

NDASA offers the highest standards in professional development programming for the drug and alcohol screening industry. Our in-person and virtual training courses, led by industry experts, ensure industry-wide best practices and regulatory compliance.

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Our Certifications

Registered Professional Collector • Certified Trainer • MRO-Assistant • Certified Designated Employer Representative • BAT Screening Technician

NDASA Approved Trainer

You train and certify NDASA Registered Professional Collectors for USDOT and non-DOT collections. We provide you with a presentation, Collector Quick Reference Guide, mock-collection checklists, and collector agreements.

Your pricing, your schedule, your clients. $50 pass-through fee for registering each successful collector. Listed with NDASA.

Popular with professional trainers looking to add industry certification to their training portfolio.

$250 + $150 (Annual Licensing Fee)

NDASA Qualified Trainer

You train in-house or network and issue your own certificate for USDOT and/or non-DOT collections.

Popular with established in-house trainers or collectors transitioning into a training role at a collection site or limited regional network.


Annual Collector Examination (Online)

An annual professional examination to maintain highest regulatory compliance and industry performance.

For collection sites with extensive quality-assurance programs and regular competitive contract bidding.


Conflict Mitigation for Collectors

How to maintain professionalism, accuracy and a successful collection under the pressure of a difficult donor. Practice scenarios, guidebook and quiz included. Certificates of completion will be issued. This training is a recorded class that student will participate in via web-link.

149.00 (non Members) $99.00 (Members)

Breath-Alcohol Training (DOT & non-DOT)

Become a USDOT-qualified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). Mock-collections are monitored in real-time by top instructors from device manufacturer (charged separately). Training qualifies you for screening and confirmation tests for USDOT and non-DOT protocols.

$350 (Live Training)

Certified Designated Employer Representative

Employers will learn everything necessary to perform DER functions with all modal information provided:

  • What it means to be a DER;
  • The roles and responsibilities of a DER;
  • The requirements for a DOT Program under your specified agency;
  • How to manage a drug and alcohol-free workplace program for DOT covered employees;
  • The drug and alcohol testing process and how to handle problems in testing;
  • Which regulations apply to your company and how to stay in compliance;
  • How to select and monitor service agents;
  • Training requirements for employees and supervisors;
  • Which records must be kept and for how long; and
  • Best practices to avoid a poor audit result.


DOT Screening Test Technician (STT) Training

Become a USDOT-qualified Screening Test Technician (STT). Mock-collections are monitored in real-time by top instructors. Training qualifies you for screening tests for USDOT and non-DOT protocols.

$250 (Live Training)

DOT Saliva Specific Device Training Including Mocks

Screening Test Technician training on specific device including mocks (must have previous STT or BAT certificate)

$155 (Live Training)